Each year we are filled with anticipation in selecting a Keynote Speaker who will bring an inspiring and challenging message to inform, encourage, and empower the Leaders in our communities. Commencing with our 25th anniversary celebration, we are proud to announce our Keynote Speaker for 2016, concert classical guitarist and fine art collector, Christian Thomas Lee.

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Christian Thomas Lee
To view the Christian Thomas Lee Fine Art Collection, click on the image below.

Christian Thomas Lee Art

The SJC Leadership Prayer Breakfast
For a quarter century, the SJC Leadership Prayer Breakfast has hosted this premier event bringing personal stories of struggles, success, and inspiration from some of our nation’s most influential leaders.

Our Vision
Great emergencies and crisis reveal how vital a Strong, Virtuous, and Ethical leadership are needed in times of uncertainty. As Business, Civic Leaders, Pastors, and Citizens of San Joaquin County, you are the agents of change, the problem solvers, and our community’s greatest resource.

We believe God has the answer to the overwhelming challenges communities all struggle with today. Our vision is to change the heart of the community, by helping change the heart of those in leadership. Through our speakers inspiring testimonies of faith, redemption, and restoration, we envision our community turning to God as did our ancestors during America’s most trying times.

Our Prayer
It is our prayer that this event and the messages delivered by our speakers, ordinary men and women who serve an extra-ordinary God, be received as a clarion call to reaffirm your faith in the overcoming power of Christ in all aspects of our lives, and serve as a reminder of the blessings HE has bestowed ourselves, our families, and on this Great Nation.