Each year we are filled with an anticipation of the possibilities offered in selecting a keynote Speaker who will bring an inspiring and challenging message to inform, encourage, and empower the Leaders in our communities.
This year we are honored to have Actor, Director, Producer, Author and Family Man, Kevin Sorbo as our speaker for 2015.

For almost a quarter century, the SJC. Leadership Prayer Breakfast has hosted this premier event bringing personal stories of struggles, success, and inspiration from some of our nation’s most influential leaders such as:

  • Coach Tom Osborne, one of the most successful coaches in American college football history
  • Zig Ziglar world-renowned motivational speaker
  • Cal Thomas, an American syndicated columnist, pundit, author and radio commentator
  • Dick DeVos an entrepreneur-businessman, and one of the wealthiest men in the US
  • Ken Blanchard author of the "The One Minute Manager"
  • Mike Frank, sold his company to WorldCom in 1997 for $14.2 billion, making the sale the largest acquisition in NASDAQ history
  • Ronnie Lott, four time Super Bowl Champion
  • And America’s Coach, Joe Erhman, all who share a deep commitment to "Jesus Christ"

Great emergencies and crisis show us how vital a Strong, Virtuous, and Ethical leadership is needed in times of uncertainty. As Business, Civic Leaders, Pastors, and Citizens of San Joaquin County, you are the agents of change, the problem solvers, and our community’s greatest resource.

It is our prayer that this event and the messages delivered by the speakers, ordinary men and women who serve an extra-ordinary God, be received as a clarion call to reaffirm your faith in the overcoming power of God in all aspects of our lives, and serve as a reminder of the blessings HE has bestowed on this Great Nation and the rich heritage our Founding Fathers laid down for us to build upon. It is to you we dedicate this web site.

Our Speaker

As some of us grew up watching Kevin Sorbo as Hercules on T.V., very few might have missed the fact that he was personally trying to teach us a lesson, one based not only on his moral views but most importantly, his Christian values.

Kevin Sorbo best known for his 7-year series "Hercules, the Legendary Journey's", aired from 1993-2000, and was the most watched TV show in the world. On television, as the star of the popular Hercules series, Sorbo portrayed an invincible demigod. He relished living the part—putting in 14-hour days on set, doing his own stunts, and relentlessly working out at the gym. Until one day it all came to an abrupt end. Sorbo will share what viewers didn’t know.

We urge you to take advantage of this unique opportunity by sponsoring a table to invite that fellow Business, Civic, or Community Leader as your guest to this most esteemed event who you believe would be inspired by a gospel message designed especially for those individual’s who spend much of their lives in the marketplace.

Last years event was sold out and we urge you to reserve your table now. To make sure you receive conformation for this year’s 2015 event – Please click on the button below.