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Founded by a group of local businessmen almost three decades ago as the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, the San Joaquin County Leadership Prayer Breakfast would later change its focus to include and serve all of San Joaquin County. Modeled after the National Prayer Breakfast, our breakfast has been blessed with thoughtful speakers that have challenged and uplifted attendees. These have included College Football Hall of Fame Coach Tom Osborne, Best-Selling Author Ken Blanchard, Businessman-Entrepreneur Dick DeVos, Presidential Counselor Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott.

The board members of the San Joaquin County Leadership Prayer Breakfast are a diverse, evangelical group of volunteers who believe God is the only answer to the challenges we face as a community and as a nation. As a marketplace ministry, we are passionate about our faith, dedicated to promoting public virtue and presenting the “Good News” to the leaders of San Joaquin County. We know if we do our part, God will do His.

Roots of the Prayer Breakfast

Founded by a handful Men who belonged the CBMC (Christian Business Men’s Committee) the SJC Leadership Prayer Breakfast has been celebrated in the county seat of Stockton Ca. since 1991. During the first few years it was originally known as the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. It’s name was changed to the San Joaqiuin County Leadership Prayer Breakfast to better serve our cities and as a way reach out into the agrarian community as well.

It is thought that the "prayer breakfast group" idea first took hold in 1935, when a group of Seattle businessmen gathered to face a critical situation in their city. The idea spread and soon such groups sprung up in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and other cities.

It took on a higher profile in 1953, when President Eisenhower initiated the first National Prayer Breakfast, in large measure to receive spiritual uplifting not only from God, but from fellow government leaders. Today, such breakfasts are held in more than 5,000 American cities.


The breaking of bread, the sharing of a meal is an age-old custom that develops Intimacy, Friendship and Unity. The place setting in the photo above signifies an invitation to bring these elements together with the goal of strengthening our community by building relationships with our community Leaders by the simple act of sharing a meal together.

The background in the photo above is that of the Western Wall, a part of the retaining wall supporting the temple mount built by Herod in 20 B.C. After the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D., Jews were not allowed to come to Jerusalem until the Byzantine period when they could visit once a year on the anniversary of the destruction of the Temple and weep over the ruins of the Holy Temple. Because of this, the wall became known as the "Wailing Wall".

Jews were again not allowed to visit the wall from 1948-1967 when it was in the Jordanian section of the city. After the Six Day War, the Western Wall became a place for national rejoicing and prayer, as the last accessible relic of the last Temple, and a holy shrine where Jewish and Christian people from around the world come to pray. -Zola Levitt Ministries

This visual symbolizes Our Mission

"To Enhance Business Relationships that Unite Leaders Throughout Our County to Honor America’s Christian Heritage", Thus reaffirming the faith that was instrumental in making America the envy of the world.

While hosting an event takes much effort, it is always worth the investment our volunteer board makes to create an inspirational event in the hopes it will make a positive change to our communities. The LPB committee however would like to do more by encouraging you to ask this most important of all questions . . . is God Real?

To help answer that question and save you time of wading through all the vast resources the internet has to offer searching for sites that have credible information, we offer the links to the right to help you get up and running. You will find these tools helpful, not only in helping you answer questions of faith, but there is also a "Marketplace Devotional", a concordance (for the inquiring mind who would like to understand the original Hebrew and Greek words that make up the old and new testament) along with resources for learning the history and faith of America’s Founders and to help acquaint yourself with the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence, their vision what they actually said and believed in.

Our Prayer

It is our prayer that this event and the messages delivered by our speakers, ordinary men and women who serve an extra-ordinary God, be received as a clarion call to reaffirm your faith in the overcoming power of Christ in all aspects of our lives, to serve as a reminder of the blessings HE has bestowed on ourselves, our families, and on this Great Nation. It is through this event and the spirit in which it was conceived that we would endeavor to inspire other communities to seek God’s wisdom and direction for their future as well.

Thursday, April 30, 2020 | 6:45AM - 8:45AM
Alex G. Spanos Center: 1178 Larry Heller Dr, Stockton, CA 95211   

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