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Barry Meguiar

Barry James Meguiar (born July 24, 1942) in Pasadena, California was the President of Meguiar's, Inc., a California-based company of car care products founded in 1901 and former host of Discovery's Velocity (TV Channel) series Car Crazy.

Frank Meguiar, Jr., Barry's grandfather, founded Meguiar's Inc. in the garage of his Indiana home in 1901. In 1913, Frank moved the business to Southern California, where the family focused on making products for the professional market. Barry's involvement at Meguiar's began in grade school and continued throughout college, when he served as the one-man accounting department generating $600,000 in annual gross sales.

After graduating from college, Barry oversaw the company's relationships with GM, Ford, and Chrysler, and managed sales in the Eastern United States. In 1969, Barry took Meguiar's products into the consumer marketplace. Barry set out to create a new brand of Meguiar's products that targeted car enthusiasts. After four years, Meguiar's Inc. launched its first consumer product, the Meguiar's Liquid Cleaner Wax, at the 1973 APAA Show in Chicago.

Also in 1973, Barry encountered a man with a passion for leading people in the Christian faith and immediately wanted to experience the same joy in his own life. In 1976, Barry was convinced that his business was his pulpit, and in 2000, embraced the vision for a ministry that encourages others to share their faith. With a passion for promoting and growing the hobby, Barry created "Car Crazy," a television show for auto enthusiasts that showcases interviews with celebrities and other "car crazed" enthusiasts. Soon after its debut in August 2000, Barry created a radio show of the same name, which emulated the television show and was syndicated to approximately 100 stations throughout the U.S. by Talk America Radio Networks.

Successfully reviving the car hobby in the next generation, the "Crazy Car" TV Show stood as the longest running show on Fox's Speed Channel, an all-motorsports network since 1995. It was moved to broadcast through Discovery's Velocity Channel, with the ending broadcast date around 2008, when Meguiars was acquired by the 3M Corporation.

In 2010, Barry contracted a rare virus during a filming of his show "Car Crazy" outside of the States. He was admitted to a hospital, where he spent the next 17 days in critical condition. Barry was diagnosed with a rare strain of viral pneumonia and was placed in an induced coma battling life-threatening conditions. As Barry's staff prepared his obituary, Barry made a dramatic recovery within 24 hours of intensive care and the illness subsided as quickly as it had arisen. Barry identifies the recovery from his illness in 2010 as the day he received marching orders from God for the rest of his life.

In 2011, Barry founded Revival Outside the Walls, a ministry devoted to bringing purpose and excitement to followers of Jesus Christ. Recently he created Ignite Your Life, a TV and book series. The book, Ignite Your Life was released on February 7, 2023.

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